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How to Improve Sustainability in Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant requires a lot of forward-thinking and smart marketing in order to attract customers and give them a positive dining experience. In 2024, it is becoming increasingly important to prove that your business is striving for sustainability and ensuring you can show that to your guests. As the demand for improved sustainability practices increases, here is how you can do that in your restaurant business.

Use food that is local and in season

The first place to start is the food you serve. Where does it come from and how was it grown? Food that is imported from thousands of miles away is not only bad for the environment but also for your menu. If you want to support local suppliers and provide quality food, you need to begin with quality local ingredients. Imported food requires considerable amounts of energy needed to transport, store and often refrigerate it; furthermore, chemical pesticides and additional packaging may be needed to keep it fresh.

Grow your own

Better yet, why not grow your own food? Herb gardens hardly require any maintenance and will keep supplying you with tasty fresh ingredients for a long time. Other food that is easy to grow includes an array of veggies. Even if you are a city restaurant, window sill herb gardens or rooftop veggie patches can work wonders. It is also a huge selling point if you can offer home-grown and home-cooked dishes.

Use biodegradable takeaway packaging

If you are in the business of offering takeaway food, consider investing in compostable packaging or biodegradable packaging. Many customers can be put off when they see how much plastic they are using when ordering a takeaway. Biodegradable packaging is a great option to clearly show your customers how much you are aiming to be sustainable.

Create compelling plant-based options

Aiming to cater to a wider demographic is a good business strategy as it ensures people with allergies or dietary restrictions can come to dine at your restaurant. Veganism is an increasingly growing diet preference so it’s important to cater to these people. Using less meat as a business can help lower your carbon footprint significantly and allow customers to choose to be more sustainable. Package a vegan meal using locally sourced ingredients in biodegradable takeaway packaging and you’ve just made a perfectly sustainable meal!


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