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From Farm To Fork: How Packaging Keeps Your Food Fresh

The farm to fork journey is the journey that you fresh produce takes to get to your dinner table! And packaging plays a huge part in this journey. Our blog dives into the farm to fork journey, and how packaging really impacts your food! To find out more, keep on reading!

Food packaging

The Farm To Fork Journey: A Brief Explanation

When it comes to fresh produce, keeping it fresh and protected is vital for each part of your food’s journey. If fresh produce spoils or goes bad in transit, it can impact other industries negatively and reduce business. To find out more about the farm to fork journey, read below:

● Production - This is often a farm or any stage where fresh produce is grown. Many plants can be covered in unsafe pesticides at this stage.

● Cleaning & Packaging - All produce is safely cleaned and packaged to prevent contaminants.

● Distribution - The produce is distributed across the country, typically via truck.

● Retail - Supermarkets and other stores then stock the produce, ready to be bought.

● Customers - Your delicious fresh produce is ready to be cooked and eaten!

What Role Does Packaging Play In Food Industries?

Packaging plays a huge role in getting your food from production, to your dinner table! These are some of the key areas in which packaging helps your food stay safe and protected from spoiling on its packaging journey.


Packaging is essential for keeping products safe from external factors that might cause it to spoil, including moisture, oxygen and types of harmful bacteria.


Packaging is a physical barrier against most physical and chemical hazards, keeping your produce fresher for longer. Quality food packaging will help to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses because of the reduced amount of bad produce.


Hospitality packaging provides a level of convenience to customers, by keeping produce safe and often having resealable features to keep it fresher for longer. Produce also usually comes in a portioned serving, resealable packaging or an easy-to-handle container, making it more convenient for customers.


A simple but effective way that packaging keeps your food fresh is also by giving customers the necessary information. All food products come with a Best Before date, or a Use By date. This indicates clearly to the consumer how long they have before the product starts to show signs of spoilage. Other useful information that you will find on food packaging are ingredient lists, allergens, calories and even the location of where the product came from!

Branding & Marketing

While this isn’t directly related to the freshness of your product, a products’ packaging is a fantastic branding tool. When food products have completed their journey from farm to supermarket shelves, eye-catching and informative packaging can go a long way with consumers!

Marshall Wilson

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