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3 Tips for Opening a Successful Ice Cream Business

Owning an ice cream shop is a fun and exciting business venture that can certainly succeed if you’re willing to put in the work. With an array of tasty flavours, recyclable ice cream packaging and a hot summer, you’ll be on your way towards a thriving ice cream business. Although we can’t control the weather, you can definitely make a start on finding the right ice cream flavours and disposable ice cream tubs to suit your business dream


Here is our guide to opening a successful ice cream business.

Create a memorable menu

While an ice cream shop is nothing new, what you decide to do with it could be. This is your chance to create something out of the box that will make people stop and have a taste. Excite your guests and give them something they’ve never tried before. From unique matcha flavours to clever combinations, you can try something completely new but don’t forget people also love the familiar favourites. Another great idea is to make ice cream for dogs or some other unique selling point.

Do you know your product?

Lots of people love ice cream, but do you really know ice cream? Gelato, sorbet, and soft serve are all different types of ice cream and it's a good idea to master your product before you try to sell it. You should be well-acquainted with varieties of ice cream, how to make them and the competitors that are already on the market. This will put you in good stead to win over customers.

Choose the right packaging

The right packaging can make all the difference, from paper ice cream tubs to wafer cones, there are different options to choose from. Some people may only want to buy ice cream that is sold in recyclable ice cream packaging because of environmental concerns, so this is definitely something to keep in mind.


At Marshall Wilson, we provide quality paper ice cream tubs and disposable ice cream tubs, perfect to load up with your delicious gelato, sorbet, or soft serve. To learn more about our recyclable ice cream tubs, get in touch with our team today. We sell a range of other food packaging products ideal for all food vendors, make sure to take a look at our options!

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